Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a tree?

You can order online, and pay through our secure worldpay payment system will all major debit/credit cards. You can place an order over the phone and we can take debit/credit card details through our secure payment system or you can order by post by cheque.

How much does it cost?

A tree or a bench is a minimum donation of £695. This includes a standard memorial plaque and the scattering of ashes if requested.

Can I choose a specific date for my tree to be planted?

From receiving an order; dates for planting in normal circumstances are booked 12 weeks in advance. We always try to accommodate client’s wishes for specially requested dates. We do ask for as much notice as possible as our diary gets fully booked up very quickly.

What happens once the site is full?

20 years from the date of the last tree planting at a Memorial Forest all plaque posts will be removed. We will still maintain the site and look after the Memorial Trees to ensure that the woodland is safe and as accessible as possible. Eventually the management of each forest will be returned to the original landowner.

How often is the Memorial Forest’s grass cut?

Each site will be cut 5/6 times a year, or more often if needed. This is done from March/April to Sept/Oct every year (weather dependent).

Please be aware that some sites are only cut twice a year to allow for wild flowers to bloom and reseed. Other sites are not cut at all due to ground nesting birds, these grasses maintain themselves throughout the season. Pathways will be cut where possible to improve access.

What time of year do you plant?

We plant on the majority of Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year, however we do not plant during August due to the dry weather and we also do not plant at some Memorial Forests during January and February to avoid the risk of cancelling and rescheduling plantings if it snows. If for any reason a planting needs to be rescheduled we will do this at the earliest date possible.

How many plaques can you have on a tree?

Each tree can only accommodate one plaque. The memorial plaque can accommodate a 30 word sentiment. If you wish to add a name(s) to a plaque in the future you can purchase a new plaque and reword the sentiment to suit the addition(s).

How many words can you have on a plaque?

At the majority of memorial forests the plaque can fit a sentiment of 30 words. At our St Joseph’s Hospice “Jospice” and Tandle Hill Park memorial forests the plaques are smaller and can accommodate a sentiment of up to 20 words. Any date in number format i.e. “06.11.2012” is counted as one single word. A date in word format i.e. “6th November 2012” will be counted as three words.

We will send via email or post a proof of your chosen wording before having a plaque made. We ask you to confirm that you are happy with the spelling and layout at least two weeks before the planting date. However if we do not receive this confirmation we will go ahead with having the plaque made.

Can I choose the plot where my Memorial tree is planted?

If time allows we are able to meet you on site to choose a plot. Your chosen plot will be recorded either by a physical marker or by our GPS device. This will then be linked to your order and your date of planting. Please contact us directly at the office to discuss this further.

How can I get extra certificates of plantation?

For every tree we plant we issue a certificate of plantation for you to keep, this certificate has all the details relating to your Memorial Tree which you may need for future reference. Copies of this certificate can be ordered for a donation of £2.50 each, we can also post duplicate certificates to family members on your behalf.

Do you collect ashes from the funeral Directors?

If requested we are able to collect ashes from funeral directors. For this service we do ask for a donation. Please contact us first to discuss the details and get a quote on 0161 624 2299

Please note you will have to give written permission to the funeral director to allow ‘Life for a Life’ to collect the ashes on your behalf.

Can ashes be placed with the tree?

Yes ashes an be scattered with a memorial tree. This can be sone at the time of planting or at a later date. 

You are not permitted to carry out this function yourself as various laws and regulations must be adhered to and records completed relating to the final dispersal of cremated remains. Please note that we will require the certificate of cremation for all ashes. The certificate of cremation will be given to you when the ashes are collected from the funeral directors.

Where can the Book of Remembrance be viewed?

Most books are located at our head office in Chadderton, Oldham and a few Books have specially chosen locations nearby to area of the planting site. The location can be found on the certificate of planting. You will also have the ability to view the books online through the virtual Book of Remembrance. Books of remembrance are usually updated every 12-16 weeks. If you have any questions regarding the inscription please do not hesitate to contact us.

What should be worn at the planting?

When attending a planting or visiting a memorial forest we ask that suitable outdoor and weather dependent clothing and footwear is worn, i.e. waterproofs and walking boots. This is also advised when visiting any of our memorial forests at any other time. We also ask that the Countryside Code is followed to protect the natural environment.

What should I do if I have a question or problem about a tree, bench or plaque?

You can contact us on 0161 624 2299, or through the online contact form on our website or email us directly at We will require details of the tree i.e. plot number or reference number. If you do not have these details we can ask further questions to find the details on our system.

Can I leave items or flowers at the memorial tree or bench?

Whilst we do permit the planting of British Blue Bells and Snow Drops and other natural British woodland plants it is very important that clients understand that it is not permitted to create shrines around a Memorial Tree in a ‘Life for a Life’ Memorial Forest. There are many reasons why we do not let this happen.

It is ‘Life for a Life’ aims to create beautiful, well managed Forests of Remembrance. Our forests are not graveyards or cemeteries, and with this in mind, we actively discourage clients from placing any item around the tree that would not occur naturally in this environment. This includes photographs, toys, cards, poems or cut flowers. Clients have, on some occasions, placed pebbles and rocks around the tree for decoration. These pebbles can break our machinery, which is not only dangerous but is then very costly to repair.

Do I own the memorial tree?

The tree, plaque and the area around the memorial tree remains the property of Life for a Life and the landowner. You are making a contribution to the woodland and there do not own the tree.

What is your refund policy?

As a registered Charity (1096422) all monies received are donations and therefore are not able to permit refunds. This does not affect your statutory rights.