Memorials and Keepsakes

Certificate of Plantation

With each memorial tree planted a certificate of plantation is issued. This certificate records the date your tree was planted, whom it was planted in memory of, the trees species and the plot number. Additional copies of the Certificate are also available for a minimum donation of £2.50.

Certificates of Plantation are now available to all clients professionally mounted in a frame. This beautiful item is an additional extra requiring a minimum donation of £40.

Books of Remembrance

The Life for a Life Books of Remembrance are a beautiful and special way to record the planting of a memorial tree. These books are available to view in many peaceful locations around the UK.

Every memorial tree that is planted in one of our Memorial Forests is recorded and will appear in one of our beautiful leather bound ‘Books of Remembrance’.

The Books are updated approximately every 8-12 weeks. These inscriptions are also scanned and uploaded for you to view online in the comfort of your own home through our website. (link to Book of Memory)

As each Book of Remembrance becomes full the pages will be copied in a special way and then placed in the Archive Department of a local Cathedral in perpetuity. This will allow family members to trace back generation upon generation the date, place and species of tree planted in memory of their loved one.

Click here to view the online version of The Life for a Life Books of Remembrance


For a more personal record of your memorial tree planting to keep at home, Memorial Keepsakes can be purchased from Life for a Life. There are 3 different styles of Memorial Keepsake available.

The memorial keepsake is embossed in gold with the Life for a Life emblem and tree graphic on the front. Inside is a beautiful collage of planting site images and at the heart of the keepsake is a copy of the inscription taken from the original book of remembrance, which is handwritten by our skilled calligrapher in a traditional style. These keepsakes can be purchased for a minimum donation of £20.

The second style of Memorial Keepsake is similar in layout to the first outlined above, however, this keepsake gives the opportunity to include a reproduced photograph of your loved on the inside of the memorial keepsake alongside the handwritten inscription. This style of keepsake can be purchased for a minimum donation of £30.

The third style of memorial keepsake offers an extra special personalised record all contained within a leather book and is a tailor- made keepsake to remember your loved one and the tree you have planted.

This Deluxe keepsake contains a picture and description of your chosen memorial forest, a reproduced picture of your loved one with a 20 word sentiment of your choice that is hand written by our calligrapher. There is also a small family tree illustration that can be filled and illustrations of the trees that we plant.

The Deluxe keepsake also contains some blank pages that can be used to add your own memories, thoughts and stories or used as a place to store photographs. This Deluxe style of keepsake can be purchased for a minimum donation of £95.

(Please note that photographs can be sent to Life for a Life either via email or hardcopy and will be returned back to you when you receive your memorial keepsake).


The ashes of a loved one can be scattered with a memorial tree. You have the option to do this when a tree is first planted or on a later date.

The first person's ashes is included with the purchase of a memorial tree. Additional ashes may be placed with a tree at the time of planting or in the future.

Each additional ashes require a minimum donation of £75.00. If ashes are being scattered at a later date a replacement plaque may also purchased to add any new names.

After additional ashes have been placed a certificate is issued indicating the date and names of the deceased who’s ashes have now been placed with the memorial tree. Additional or framed copies of the certificate are also available to purchase.

We also offer a collection of ashes service where feasible; for this we do ask for a donation. Please contact us first to discuss the details and get a quote.

Please note you will have to give written permission to the funeral director to allow ‘Life for a Life’ to collect the ashes on your behalf.


Miniature Tree of Remembrance and Good Fortune

This truly beautiful artefact which is uniquely handmade using only selected natural top quality produce in a way that compliments and respectfully celebrates the life of a lost loved one or in celebration of a that very special occasion.

This item is specifically made for Life for a Life Memorial Forest. The tree is mounted on a granite base which in turn supports the solid brass twisted wire trunk. Attached to the brass branches are the autumn leaves of the tree which again are hand made from pure amber, thus contributing to the beauty of this very special item, which is guaranteed not to disintegrate or discolour over the years but are a constant reminder of a lost love one or of that very special occasion.

The minimum donation to the Charity to obtain one of these very desirable Miniature Trees of Remembrance and Good Fortune is a donation no less than £75. This includes postage and package.

Remembering Grandma and Grandad books

This lovely illustrated booklet provides enormous help to children that are coming to terms with the loss of a loved one. The booklet explains to very young children in a way that they can understand.

Each of the illustrations and wording has been approved by qualified Psychologists and Educationalists. The booklet comes complete with a beautifully designed ‘Friends of the Forest’ lapel badge.

A donation of £5.50 is required for each booklet. This includes postage and packaging.