Memorial Benches

Woodland memorial benches add value to any memorial forest site and can be used by all visitors. Within memorial forests where space is available benches can be dedicated and installed by Life for a Life for a donation £695 which includes a standard green plaque and a chosen 30 word sentiment.

Once installed the charity’s grounds team will inspect benches periodically to ensure they remain in a safe and in a serviceable condition. Over time the condition of memorial benches will deteriorate and they may become unsafe for use. At this time any benches that are not longer in a safe condition will be removed.

Please note that not all sites are suitable for memorial benches or may no longer have any availability.

Woodland Benches

In the case of Woodland Benches, they are installed using concrete and the main supporting posts are set approximately to a depth of 1m, on top of compacted hardcore or stone. Benches are guaranteed for 6 years and are tantalised (not painted) to ensure longevity.

Available at Calf Lane, Daisy Nook Country Park, Durleigh Meadows, Fusilers Meadow, Lowes Road, Ormskirk, Upper Longdendale Valley, Wythenshawe Park