Land Owners

Benefits of Donating Land

There are many positive aspects from the creation of a Life for a Life Memorial Forest in which landowners and stakeholders can capitalise on.

Land Owner Benefits
  • Picking up the land maintenance
  • Carbon credits
  • Flood Management
  • Water quality improvement
  • Land erosion reduction
  • Creation of a well-managed amenity
Community & Social Benefits
  • Helping the bereavement process
  • Connection people with the outdoors
  • Reduce isolation
  • Improve health and well-being
  • Reduction of antisocial behaviour
  • Donations to health related organisations
Environmental Benefits
  • Carbon capture
  • Cleaner air
  • Cooler air
  • Wind Barrier
  • Habitat creation
  • Improve biodiversity

Memorial Trees

The aim of Life for a Life is not only to engage with the families who dedicate memorial trees but to work alongside different landowners, community groups, local schools and businesses to help improve the environment creating well managed amenities for everyone to enjoy.

All of these benefits make donating land to the Charity very attractive to any land owner that wishes to help and contribute in safe guarding and improving the environment and making a positive lasting contribution to local communities whilst still retaining the ownership of the land that they donate.


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