Clatworthy Reservoir

  • Taunton, West Somerset, TA4 2EJ
  • Car park facility available
  • There are currently no new memorials available at this location. You can still add to an existing memorial.
Clatworthy Reservoir
Glass Rocks Lane

Opened on 27th September 2004, the Clatworthy Reservoir site is situated in the Brendon Hills on the edge of the Exmoor National Park in West Somerset. It impounds the headwaters of the River Tone and the surrounding rolling hills provide a picturesque setting for all visitors.

This site, which has been graciously donated by Wessex Water, is breathtaking. The land which has been donated overlooks the reservoir. The planting site is spacious and will accommodate many memorial trees over the years to benefit everybody in the community.

Clients visiting the Memorial Forest are also able to enjoy a leisurely walk on the trail, which totally encircles the reservoir. This planting site is home to a range of woodland birds as well as geese and swans. Roe deer and badgers can be often seen in the area.

This Life for a Life planting site is so picturesque that clients are advised to consider making visits to the forest a family day out, there being ample picnic areas dotted around the location, and several well appointed cafes very close by. The planting site itself edges onto the reservoir site and also on the picnic area.

Life for a Life planting areas are natural environments where we encourage wildlife and plantlife to flourish, as such additional items should not be added to the tree or the space around it, especially as they can cause damage to the tree. Please be aware that any prohibited items left on or around memorial trees will be removed.