Indians Head, Dovestone

  • Oldham OL3 7NE
  • Car park facility available
  • English Oak, Hawthorn, Silver Birch
Indians Head, Dovestone
Dove Stone Reservoir
Bank Lane

This extensive site was opened in 2006 as an additional memorial tree planting area to the already established memorial woodlands at Dove Stone reservoir, where many trees have been planted and thriving.

The planting area sits within the spectacular Peak District National Park, directly under a rock formation known locally as "Indians Head" due to the formation's resemblance to a Native American Face.

The site is popular with walkers and climbers due to other rock formations and the beautiful views on offer overlooking the wider Dove Stone Reserve, Chew Brook and Dove Stone Reservoir from this peaceful and tranquil spot.

The Molinia Grass found on the site provides a home for a variety of wildlife including ground nesting birds such as grouse and pheasant and small mammals including stoats and voles. The older Oak and Beech trees within the boundary of the site known as 'Chew Plantation' also provides a home for woodpeckers and cuckoos who can be heard busily working away during the spring months. In the autumn the grasses change colour, giving the whole site look a beautiful burnt bronze look.

A key consideration when choosing this site for a memorial tree planting is because it provides such an important home for nature we do not formally mow the grass but allow it to grow high in the summer months. We do however mow pathways through the site to make access a little easier to create a balance between visitor needs and the wildlife. Furthermore, due to the nature of the site and steep incline, it is not suitable for those with poor mobility and we recommend you visit the site with our grounds team to choose a plot before placing an order.

Another important consideration is that all memorial trees have the Gold Effect plaque upgrade included in the £795 donation.

Life for a Life planting areas are natural environments where we encourage wildlife and plantlife to flourish, as such additional items should not be added to the tree or the space around it, especially as they can cause damage to the tree. Please be aware that any prohibited items left on or around memorial trees will be removed.