• Anglezarke, PR6 9BU
  • English Oak, Hawthorn, Silver Birch
Nab Hill, Near Anglezarke
Heapey Fold Lane

This site was opened for planting memorial trees in May 2007. The planting site is accessed by a stone pathway off Higher House Lane/Moor Road. Parking is available on Higher House Lane and the memorial forest is then accessed on foot.

Due to the natural terrain of the site, which is quite steep in certain areas, the site isn't suitable for clients who require disabled and/or wheelchair access and it is recommended that stout shoes are worn when visiting the area. Only on planting days, those with 4x4 vehicles are able to drive up to the planting area if required.

The views from the 'Life for a Life' memorial forest are, to say the least, fantastically beautiful. The whole of the location forms part of the West Pennine Moors and views of Winter Hill and the Blackburn section of the Pennine Range can be clearly seen regardless of weather conditions.

As in all of the 'Life for a Life' Memorial Forest sites, the wildlife is abundant. Without doubt, this site will become a very popular and will stretch from the quaint kissing gate at the entrance of the forest over to the other side, where beautiful views of Chorley and the Preston Plain can be enjoyed.

Life for a Life planting areas are natural environments where we encourage wildlife and plantlife to flourish, as such additional items should not be added to the tree or the space around it, especially as they can cause damage to the tree. Please be aware that any prohibited items left on or around memorial trees will be removed.