St Joseph's Hospice

  • Thornton, L23 4UE
  • Car park facility available
  • Hawthorn, Hazel
St Joseph's Hospice, Thornton
Ince Road
L23 4UE

Opened on 15th July 2003 by the Deputy Lieutenant of Merseyside, the planting area is situated in the middle of a semi-mature oak and beech woodland. Many of the existing trees are protected species. The memorial trees will, over time, add to the splendor of the Hospice grounds. The wildflower meadow, where the memorial trees are planted, becomes a blaze of colour in early spring with a mixture of snowdrops, bluebells and clover.

Due to the dense canopy cover in the memorial forest the tree species available are a mix of Hazel, Holly and Hawthorn. These trees will thrive and will add to the biodiversity of the site. The Memorial Forest is also home to the rare native red squirrel.

The approach to the planting area is made very easy from either one of two parking areas. One of the pathways meanders through the wood directly from the top car park which is situated at the main Ince Road entrance. Ince Road, Thornton runs off the A565 and is within easy reach of the motorway network (M57, M58 & M62).

Life for a Life planting areas are natural environments where we encourage wildlife and plantlife to flourish, as such additional items should not be added to the tree or the space around it, especially as they can cause damage to the tree. Please be aware that any prohibited items left on or around memorial trees will be removed.