Wardley Hall, Laudato Si

  • Manchester M28 2UJ
  • Car park facility available
  • English Oak, Hawthorn, Hazel, Silver Birch
Wardley Hall, Laudato Si
Wardley Hall Rd
Greater Manchester
M28 2UJ

This memorial forest was opened in 2019 and marks the beginning of a wonderful new partnership with the Diocese of Salford. The developing memorial forest will play a part in the Diocese ‘Laudato Si’ environmental projects by creating well-managed accessible amenity woodland for the whole community to enjoy.

The memorial forest is close to its namesake, Wardley Hall which is the official residence of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Salford. The current hall was built during the reign of King Edward 6th (1547 – 1553) and has a fantastic medieval history, although under the stewardship of current Bishop of Salford the halls modern history will be built upon the tenant of Pope Francis encyclical ‘Laudato Si’, to serve the needs of the community and the environment, protecting both from climate change; hence the establishment of a memorial forest on the site.

The memorial tree planting will be phased from left to right and the planting specification includes a choice of English oak, Hornbeam, Wild Cherry and Hawthorn.

In partnership with Manchester City of Trees there will also be a community windfall orchard planted by local schools. This special feature will not only help to improve the biodiversity of the site but also work towards the ‘Laudato Si’ objectives.

Another important point to make about the planting area is that as with all Life for a Life Memorial Forest’s the site are totally nondenominational and available for anyone who wishes to plant a tree.

The memorial forest also benefits from nearby parking and toilet facilities within the cemeteries grounds persons building.