White Water Meadow

  • Rochdale, OL12 8BE
  • Car park facility available
  • There are currently no new memorials available at this location. You can still add to an existing memorial.
White Water Meadow
Tong Lane

Opened in January 2008 on land graciously donated by United Utilities, this site is a hidden gem that is now maturing into a beautiful mixed broadleaf and pine woodland.

White Water Meadow is a most peaceful, tranquil place to remember a lost loved one. The site sports lovely views across the moorland, which is part of the western approaches to the Pennine Chain.

The site sits just below Cowm reservoir at the side of the spillway, that when in use takes excess water away from the reservoir sending it cascading down the stone spillway steps; mimicing "white water" rapids which is where the memorial forest derives its name.

Although, these sites are now full to the planting of new memorial trees if you have an existing memorial tree dedicated you can still upgrade memorial plaques, add additional ashes to a memorial tree or order memorial keepsakes etc.

What happens in the future?

Now that this memorial forest is closed to new tree planting you will see slight changes in the way we manage the site. The aim is to create a forest that will mature over time and become a local amenity for both visitors and wildlife. Therefore, the management regime will move to one which is more sympathetic to the environment. In practical terms, this will mean a gradual reduction in grass cutting as the tree canopy closes to help promote a richer diversity of wildflowers and other ground flora.
All the memorial trees are guaranteed for 25 years and any tree which has unfortunately not established itself successfully will be replaced from a selected mixture of 'understory' species consisting of either Hazel, Hawthorn or Holly that will help diversify the woodland creating an even better home for nature.
Furthermore, as the memorial trees grow they will be 'crown-lifted' which involves removing the lower limbs of the trees to help maintain access as the trees continue to mature and allow air and light to pass through. Eventually, the plaque in front of the trees will be removed as the site transitions from a formalised memorial woodland into the memorial forest we all want it to become. At this point a new sign will be erected that will let people know how the forest was established and what the trees represent.