• Bury, BL9 7RW
  • Car park facility available
  • There are currently no new memorials available at this location. You can still add to an existing memorial.
Woodgate Hill
Castle Hill Road

Opened in 2002 by the Mayor and Mayoress of Bury, this beautifully maturing memorial forest was made available for tree planting by United Utilities. Thanks to donations received through this planting site and the memorial forest at Dunsters Farm, Life for a Life has been able to pass on over £20,000 to Bury Hospice, as well as refurbishing a memorial stone in the grounds of Bury Parish Church. Local residents requested help after the memorial stone, which was dedicated to two young local Air Cadets who tragically lost their lives whilst on training exercises, was vandalised.

This site has also played an important role in enabling the charity to donate £8,500 to MediEquip4Kids for much needed medical equipment that has been placed in hospitals around Greater Manchester specifically for children.

Although this site is now full to memorial tree planting if you have an existing memorial tree dedicated here you can still upgrade memorial plaques, add additional ashes or order additional keepsakes etc. However if you would like to plant a new tree within Bury please visit our Lowes Road, memorial forest.