Wycoller Country Park

  • Colne, BB8 8SY
  • Car park facility available
  • Hawthorn
Wycoller Country Park

This planting area was graciously made available to the charity by Lancashire County Council and was opened to the first memorial tree planting in 2004. The site is a truly beautiful and peaceful place that is only a short walk from the centre of the historic Wycoller village which can trace its history back beyond 1000 BC.

As with most of the other Life for a Life memorial forests, the planting area is teeming with wildlife and there is an abundance of wildflowers that grow across the valley and throughout the approach to the area. Clients and visitors are asked to respect the natural order of the site and NOT plant any non-native flowers and abide by the countryside code.

Key consideration for the Wycoller memorial forest is that there is only limited availability for new memorial planting and the tree species recommended are English Oak or Silver Birch. However, please contact the office before placing an order to insure there is still space available.

Life for a Life planting areas are natural environments where we encourage wildlife and plantlife to flourish, as such additional items should not be added to the tree or the space around it, especially as they can cause damage to the tree. Please be aware that any prohibited items left on or around memorial trees will be removed.